Accounting paper. See attached document as well

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In this case, management needs assistance in evaluating and classifying
costs identified within Glaser Health Products in order to implement an
activity-based costing system.  Please address Questions 1 through 6 at
the end of the case.  Based on the case questions, you are required to
provide a two to four double-spaced written report providing management
with the necessary guidance in implementing an activity-based costing
system.  The written report should be properly formatted according to
APA guidelines and demonstrate research and critical thinking skills.
 Explanations and recommendations should be supported by at least 3
scholarly sources from the Ashford Library or other external sources,
excluding the textbook. 

For Questions 1 through 3, create a chart to classify and identify a
cost driver for each of the costs provided in the text.  The chart
should be included as an appendix to the written report.  Explanations
of the classifications and identifications within the chart should be
included within the written report, supported by references to the

Questions 4 through 6 should be addressed in fully developed
explanations/instructions as part of your written report.  The written
analysis should be supported by at least three scholarly sources,
excluding the textbook.

Week 3 Written Assignment should:

  • Demonstrate graduate level work including appropriate research and critical thinking skills.
  • Be presented as a written analysis (not a question/answer format).
  • Incorporate case questions into the overall analysis.
  • Follow APA formatting guidelines including title page, reference page and in-text citations.
  • Consists of two to four double-spaced pages of content.
  • Provide at least three scholarly sources, excluding the textbook

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