questions and answers 13

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1250 words in total for the 4 questions and in apa format, 3 scholarly journal articles references

The first question in the complete assignment is worded exactly the same way in Units 2-5. The wording can be confusing because it tells you to discuss “these firms,” but it really means just one firm for each unit. When reading the instructions for one unit at a time, the phrase “these firms” is ambiguous. Therefore, I want to clarify that in Unit 2, “these firms” refers only to Auto Zone. Simply put, the case assignment for each unit can be found at the bottom of the “Read” assignment, and is titled Real-Time Case. In each unit, your response to the case summary question should be based on the firm in the assigned real time case for that unit only. Nevertheless, do not forget to discuss it in “real time,” meaning find the latest information on the internet. The investor relations link on the firm’s website is a good place to start, but remember to search for independent information from other websites as well. Note that the instructions require you to access real time information from the internet. Remember to make it very clear that you are discussing strategic issues in real time. In addition to in-text citations, the text itself should make it clear that the issues you are discussing are real time. Use phrases such as “in the second quarter of 2017; In March 2018, etc.” Please incorporate more course concepts in your analysis essays.

1. In a narrative format, discuss these firms from a strategic perspective. Information concerning recent changes in the firms is readily available online and should be accessed. Strategic issues should be discussed in “real time.”

2. How would you define Auto Zone’s industry? Would you include new car dealerships and/or discount stores in the industry? Why or why not?

3 How has Auto Zone responded to changes in its macroenvironment? Is Auto Zone immune to threats associated with economic downturns? Why or why not?

4 Review the discussion in the reading on changes in social forces associated with automobiles. Suppose that you are the CEO of Auto Zone. What changes present opportunities for your firm? Which changes concern you the most?

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