Preparing for Project 1: Formal Academic Writing

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When we write formally for school or for our jobs, we use a very different tone and style than when we text or talk to our friends or post on social media. We call that formal, academic style. Knowing how to use formal style will not only help you in this class, but in any other courses you take as well as at your current or future workplace. Below is a video that does a great job explaining some of the rules of formal, academic writing.

Step 1:

Review the lectures below on formal academic writing. Watch the videos carefully and read through the lectures slowly. Watch and read multiple times if needed.


Minimize File Preview

Step 2:

Answer the following questions in a short paragraph each (300-400 words).

  1. How does formal academic writing differ from the way you write when you text or use social media?
  2. What are threet important rules of formal, academic writing you learned? (no wrong answer, just tell me what you think).
  3. Think about what McWhorter has claimed in his TED talk about how texting is fingered speech. What new knowledge or information about the similarities and difference do you now know based on McWhorter and this lesson on academic writing?

Step 3:

Submit your assignment by clicking on the Submit Assignment tab on the top right of your screen. For this assignment, you can type straight into the text box or you can attach a doc, docx, or pdf document.

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