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Initial Post: Imagine you are interested in designing an integrative approach to counseling practice. Where can you go from here in accomplishing this goal? Explain. Be sure to connect your response to something you learned in Chapter 15.To clearly illustrate that connection, your response must contain the page number from the textbook in order to earn full credit.

I think in designing my own integrative approach to counseling I would keep in mind the difficulties inherent in combining systems which are grounded in different worldviews and views on human nature (15-2c). I would attempt to provide a foundation for my practice in line with my own values and empirically-supported practice which also has the flexibility of being useful for diverse groups of clients who have different value sets than my own. As mentioned in the text, those approaches which do not integrate a cultural component will fail to address the needs and concerns for diverse client groups (15-2d). For this reason I would make sure that there is a bare minimum of components which I check off while designing my integrative approach. This would include a cultural and social component common to later approaches to therapy, such as the postmodern approaches. It would also include techniques of CBT and other models which are empirically-supported, such as DBT, to varying degrees depending on the utility for the specific client. Additionally, the framework would include a conceptual base from the psychoanalytic approach, analyzing transference, countertransference, providing interpretations, and analyzing attachment patterns. In order to tie these approaches together successfully under a single integrative approach I would make sure that the components and concepts which are integrated to not work against one another. For example, while I may utilize behavioral or cognitive components from a CBT perspective, I will not adopt the entire perspective to such an extent that it neglects to examine culture or social influences on a client’s situation. I think that monitoring the changes and effectiveness of the therapy, as well as pointing out helpful modifications to make, would be important. This would be done by incorporating feedback-informed treatment into the integrative approach, to make changes where they are due over time to ensure the most success for the clients.

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