Integrating Curriculum

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1) Choose a science or sensory activity from the course readings or an outside source.
2) Write a one-page introductory paper in which you describe the age group and activity.
Explain (1) why the activity is appropriate to the age group (2) the state or national
standards to which the unit aligns, and (3) how you will use the activity as the catalyst for the
development of an integrated curriculum unit.
3) Identify additional activities and resources to be used in conjunction with the activity to
create an integrated unit addressing the following areas: science or sensory development,
language and literacy, mathematics and number sense, cognition/logical
reasoning, physical development, and social/emotional development.
4) Determine a format for your unit. More information and example templates can be
found at
5) In a conclusion section of 2-3 paragraphs, explain how you will involve parents
and families of students in the development, implementation, and evaluation of
the unit.
Course Objectives
 Apply state and national standards, principles, and guidelines for early childhood
education across content areas in alignment with developmentally appropriate practices.
 Identify, describe, and implement teaching strategies to enhance cognition and logical
reasoning for early childhood age children.
 Identify methods to ensure families of early childhood learners are collaboratively
engaged and considerations are made for cultural,
linguistic, and ability diversity when planning, implementing, and evaluating curriculum,
including individual educational programs (IEPs) and individualized family service plans
 Develop an integrated early childhood teaching unit which promotes learning in contentspecific areas and early childhood development.

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