Explain the advantages and limitations of the four major research designs, sociology homework help

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There are five discussion questions. Each discussion question needs to be between 100-125 words. Please include each discussion question with the response in the completed work.

1.) Explain
the advantages and limitations of the four major research designs. Provide an
example of a social group situation that you believe would be best studied by
each type of design. Explain your selection.

2.) Have
you ever experienced culture shock when visiting (or moving to) a different
culture? If so, describe the differences in nonverbal communication, norms and
values of which you were aware. How did your experience help you to understand
your own culture better?

3.) What
are some of the major agents of socialization? Which do you think most
influenced you? Why? Aside from childhood socialization, have you ever
experienced other forms of socialization, such as anticipatory socialization
and/or resocialization? Explain.

4.) How
might you use your knowledge of sociology in your everyday life?

5.) Research a symbol
that is meaningful to you, your culture (United States), or society at large on the Internet.
This could be a religious symbol or even a logo.

Consider the

  • What
    does the symbol mean to you?
  • What
    does the symbol mean to society?
  • Has
    the meaning of the symbol changed over time?

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