ENG102 Composition II (Discussion forum Power Point / Prezi presentation APA cited reference)

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For this discussion post I have attached both my proposed research and prior discussion forum for your reference for further expanding or polishing in the MOD 5 discussion forum.

Module 5: Discussion Forum


Welcome to the active presentation discussion. This discussion will
challenge you to make the most of the presenting your ideas while
embracing the concept of inquiry discussed throughout our textbooks.

For this assignment, you will be exploring your topic/question from
the Research Proposal and Preliminary Bibliography (Module 3). You will
also start reading and thinking about the sources you found in that
project. Your purposes for the presentation are primarily to explore and
to question. Above all, resist closure and avoid making an argument or
taking a final stance on your issue. (You will get to do that in the
final project of the semester.) You still can–and should–have opinions
and reactions to your sources, but you shouldn’t settle your entire
research question yet.

This assignment will not result in a single, polished opinion on your
topic, as that is what your portfolio project is intended to be.
Rather, you will create one of the following options to present to your
peers as an evolving presentation:

  • PowerPoint
  • Prezi
  • Video Blog with presentation and voiceover

Part 1: Initial Post

This is a small-group discussion forum. Continue working in your
assigned group based on the theme you chose. Post your PowerPoint,
Prezi, or video blog to the discussion forum. Address the following in
your presentation:

  • Reintroduce your topic and research questions: reuse elements of
    your Research Proposal here, but keep it brief, i.e. one paragraph. Be
    sure to note your thesis.
  • Summarize and respond to two of your research sources.
    • Provide a direct hyperlink when you first introduce the source and an APA citation at the end of your post.
    • Use APA in-text citations for any quotations, or paraphrases. It is best to start paraphrasing your sources here.
  • Pose exploratory questions about your source.
  • Keep your own perspective open-ended and exploratory. Don’t commit
    to a “side” or a stance yet; consider the issue from multiple angles.

If you choose the video blog, post reference information directly in the forum.

Part 2: Response

  • Summarize and respond to at least two peer’s your group.
    • Provide commentary, or a direct hyperlink to another source that might help them with their topic.
    • When you first introduce the source add an APA citation at the end
      of your post. Use APA in-text citations for any quotations, or
      paraphrases. It is best to start paraphrasing your sources here.
    • Aim for a source that offers a different opinion, perspective, or bias from the source they provided.
  • Pose exploratory questions for your peer(s) to consider.

A successful presentation will do the following:

  • Explores a narrow research topic/question throughout blog
  • Raises and explores additional, exploratory questions about the sources and related to the initial inquiry
  • Avoids rhetorical questions, i.e. questions with implied answers or that hint at a persuasive purpose
  • Shows an evolving thought process, “undecided” or open-mind, and willingness to keep questioning
  • Incorporates research from at least 4 credible sources from different perspectives
  • Cites sources in APA style and utilizes signal phrases to create a conversation with sources
  • Acknowledges and responds to peer comments
  • Employs links, non-copyrighted images, and possibly videos that relate to the research inquiry
  • Acknowledges sources for quotations, paraphrases, images, videos, etc.
  • Uses first-person (“I”) to create a personal, narrative style
  • Does not distract the reader or interfere with clarity because of errors in punctuation, mechanics, or spelling.

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