Final exam of Comic Book class, writing homework help

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Final exam of comic book class, answers must be related to PPT and 5 comic books in class:

1. Title: The Killing Joke

Author: Alan Moore

Publisher: DC

ISBN: 978-1-4012-1667-2

2. Title: Sandman: Preludes &

Author: Neil Gaiman

Publisher: DC/Vertigo

ISBN: 1563890119 /

3. Title: V for Vendetta

Author: Alan Moore

Publisher: DC

ISBN 10: 140120841X /
1-4012-0841-X ISBN 13: 9781401208417

4. Title: Civil War

Author: Mark Millar

Publisher: Marvel

ISBN-10: 078512179X

5. Title: Fun Home

Author: Alison Bechdel

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

ISBN 10: 0-618-47794-2


Directions: answer each of the questions to the best of your ability. Remember, short-answer questions require a response which addresses the question. Also, provide a rationale for your response, and examples (including page numbers and panels when possible) which support your responses.

1. 1. Provide one example of parallel paneling in the comics we have read this semester. Continue by explaining what you believe the function of this tactic is in the comic, i.e. what purpose do they serve?

2. 2.  Explain the creative process involved in graphic literature. (You may focus on the unique creative process utilized by Marvel, or a general process) Include a brief discussion of the role of:





3. 3. Character Analysis: identify two character archetypes in V for Vendetta. Explain how these two characters serve as character archetypes in V’s journey.

4. 4. Historical Context: Identify and explain two ways in which comic books have changed since their earliest incarnations by comparing and contrasting Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes to comic books during the 1930s. This question will require online research about the 30s. Two sources minimum.

5. 5. Lens Analysis (Psychological): In Dr. Dee’s story (found in chapters titled “24 Hours” and “Sound & Fury” in Sandman) which character might be said to represent the id, and which character might be said to represent the superego? Elaborate. (I’m not looking for a ‘right’ answer. Just justify your assertion with a justification).

6. 6.  Genre Analysis: how does the graphic novel differ from the traditional work of fiction? Conversely, how are graphic novels and traditional works of fiction similar? In your comparison & contrast please address how graphic novels and fiction deal with the following elements: description, dialogue, and pacing.

7. 7.  Please explain the basic plot of Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes in the following context:

a.Introduction (what is the exposition?)

b.Climax (What is the height of the story?)

c.Resolution (Tell me about the ending)

8. 8. Give one example of split-image paneling from the comics we read this semester.

BONUS: Explain Non-sequitur paneling

Final Exam Pt.2


Directions: Please copy/paste this page into MS-Word. THEN: answer each of the questions to the best of your ability.

1. If you were to analyze the Judeo-Christian patriarchal leanings of western society, which lens would you not employ?

a. Sociological lens

b. Feminist lens

c. Monomyth

2. If you were expected to juxtapose between the supposition that hierarchical structures exist in the context of social capital, and the position that horizontal linearity was predominant in economic systems, you would not use:

a. Psychological lens

b. Patriarchal lens

c. Marxist lens

d. Sociological lens

3. If you were challenged by Satan to a guitar duel, but were reluctant because the resulting force would cause complete disarray and organizational deterioration of natural order, you would be concerned about:

a. Chaos

b. Anarchy

4. If you were beheaded in a jousting match, and Marcel Proust and Edgar Allan Poe engaged in a debate about the impact your death had on medieval culture, they would likely employ:

a. Sociological lens

b. Socio-cultural lens

c. Sociolinear lens

d. The use of alcohol

5. If you were asked to analyze the emotional impact of phonetics in cultural transfusion via language as a conduit, you would use:

a. Psycho-astrological lens

b. Conducive-applicative lens

c. Culturo-vocality lens

d. Sociological lens

6. Zippity yip yap. Zip dap do:

a. Dibbledy zoo za

b. Zippity yo

c. Zing zang ping pang

d. Psychological lens

e. All of the above

7. If the Matrix was real (and it is) and you were asked to take the red or blue pill, but your decision was inconsequential because Morpheus told you society was an antiquated construct founded on collective control, Morpheus would be employing:

a. Sociological lens

b. Feminist lens

c. Zippity Do lens

d. Neo to do his dirty work

8. The primary function of the threshold guardian is what?


9. Who is the herald in Civil War?



11Name one of the three leaders in hell featured in Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes


12. Who is the artist of Civil War? No, Michael Turner doesn’t count.


13. When Godzilla attacked Tokyo, many hypothesized that Godzilla was actually a metaphor for the nuclear bomb which had terrorized Japan at the close of World War II. Mothra, however, is just a giant moth. Answer this question with the incorrect answer for credit. If you had a dream about Godzilla attacking Mothra in your bathroom, Freud would likely use which of the following to analyze you:

a. Psycho-multilingual approach

b. Dream Analysis

c. Sociological lens

d. Neuro-critical lens

14. Karl Marx was not friends with Bill Gates. If they were both alive, they would likely be ideological nemeses due to the fact that one is a megalomaniac and the other was a downtrodden intellectual with potential histrionic disorder. My diagnosis of these two people means I employed:

a. Sociological approach

b. Psychological approach

c. Zing Zap Do Da approach

d. Marxist Approach

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