Analyze all strategies provided in the case and tell why or why not appropriate one by one, business and finance assignment help

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Read the attached case deeply and very carefully. Then clearly identify the follows and make sure that you are very clear, specific, and professional. Please use your experience in budgeting and strategic management. Also, please do not take solutions from the internet, I have read the case and I know what has been posted in the internet.

Firstly: Analyze all strategies provided in the case and tell why or why not appropriate one by one. They need to analyzed carefully using strategic management skills. Page 5.

Secondly: Look at the attached word document. I have summarized important information from the case. I made the problem statement and the solution I want to apply. Then work on my solution. Edit and add more ideas. The solution should be as I explained but please add all missing information there. You will find the solution also here below. Tell me all sources of available funding in detail and how this solution is going to be funded in details. Make action plan and timeline “Gant chart”.

Write about 15 page explaining the solution and funding. You should be very clear, specific, and professional. Do not write anything. All the sentences should be about solution, how to apply solution in details, funding the solution, making action plan and timeline with gnat chart. Again use my solution and add all missing info and explanation. How is going to be applied, funded, and implemented, and evaluated. How to measure the effectiveness?

 Again What I want you to do is,

1)  ready my solution “short term, Middle term, and long term”. I want you to add the information in this part. How the solution is going to be applied, funded, implemented, evaluated, measure of effectiveness with details. How is going to be funded with details and this is the most important part. What is the impact of the solution, the measurement of effectiveness? If you have any information and recommended idea, please add them to my solution. How the fund is going to be spend and pay back. Also what about grants?? Make an action plan and timeline “Gantchart” for the best solution. Make sure that the solution meets the problem statement and all important points mentioned in the case and meet the funding as well. The most important two part is the funding and action plan with timeline. 

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