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Personally, I first heard of covid-19 when China just broke out. To be honest, it had an impact on all major industries in China and the rest of the world. The film and television industry, the restaurant industry, all production sites have stopped working, the world’s economy can be said to have been hit. Millions of people lost their jobs, lost their wages, and many had loans to repay. It is fair to say that this outbreak has brought about an unparalleled disaster.

However, I believe that with the efforts of people all over the world, this outbreak will be over soon. It may be an exaggeration to say that after the outbreak is over, the whole world will be in a state of standby, but in every industry, people will go into production and there will be an increase in employment. There will also be more savings in the bank, because people will realise that in difficult times it is important to have a bigger nest egg.

At the same time, people will realize that in this age of advanced technology, human health should not be taken lightly. And people all over the world have had experience in jump-starting emergency plans. After the outbreak, people will also be careful about their daily living environment. People will be more aware that attention to health is a very important thing, may in the future in the children’s learning will strengthen the education of health knowledge.

I wrote the above two paragraphs by myself. The teacher asked me to share some thoughts on writing this essay. Below are the requirements of the assignment

Essay #2: Due Monday, April 27 at 9:30 AM sharp!

This is not designed to simply be a repeat of the first essay you wrote for the final exam. The second essay moves to what you think lies in the future when this pandemic levels out, and we all start going back to normal again. You might want to think about doing a little research on this topic and seeing what some of the experts say what the future might look like. Do not just give your own opinions, and certainly DO NOT use this as an exercise in creative writing where you just make up a story.

Length: 2-3 pages

12 pt., Times New Roman Font, 1.5 inch margins

Send the files as Email attachments in PDF form only

Individual requirements:Two or more pages

In this essay, I remember to add some information about people’s awareness of bank deposits after the epidemic, and then add some information about the benefits of bank deposits after the epidemic and the trend of interest rate rise and fall. Then I will search for some expert opinions or articles to add such information

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