database design discussion assignment entities and attributes part 1

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I need help with a discussion assignments for my database design course, here’s the instructions and scenario provided:

For this activity, you will analyze a provided scenario that outlines the business requirements and needs for a new database. As part of the process, you will use a color-coding technique to identify the various entities and related attributes required to process the scenario.

As a first step to completing this activity, watch this video: Entity Relationship Modeling (8:04)

Next, follow these instructions:

  1. Review the scenario below to determine the correct color coding for the entities and attributes in the narrative.
  2. Copy and paste the scenario text into a Word document.
  3. As you find entities and their related attributes in the narrative, change the font color for any words that are related to that entity so that they are a matching color.
    • For instance, in the narrative, if you have a customer entity with customer details such as name and address, all of the words related to that entity and its attributes could be colored blue. Another entity’s attributes could all be colored green.
  4. At the bottom of the narrative, create a list of each entity, its attributes, and the color used to distinguish this entity.
  5. Once you are satisfied with your color-coding choices, post your proposed color-coded narrative and related tables to the discussion topic as a Word document.
  6. In your initial post, describe how you identified the entities and attributes, and explain your point of view.
  7. Review the proposals of other classmates and discuss their selection of attributes and related color coding. Be sure to support one another by making suggestions for corrections or revisions based on what you have learned.

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Please review guidelines and rubric document for more details. Thank you

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