science chemistry 1

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Butanal has a higher boiling point than butane.

  1. true
  2. false

Cracking is the first step in the refining of petroleum.

  1. true
  2. false

Hydrocarbons containing a saturated carbon ring are called aliphatic hydrocarbons.

  1. true
  2. false

What is the name of the following compound? CH3CH2CH2CH2OH

  1. butane
  2. butanal
  3. butanol

The functional group in CH3OCH

  1. ester
  2. ether
  3. carbonyl


3 is a(n) _________.

What is the change in atomic mass when an atom emits an alpha particle?

  1. decreases by 4
  2. increases by 2
  3. increases by 1

Ethene is the monomer that is used as the building block in polyethylene.

  1. true
  2. false

A hydrogen atom is the final product of a sequence of spontaneous nuclear decay reactions.

  1. true
  2. false

____ 9.

____ 10.

____ 11.

____ 12.

____ 13.

____ 14.

____ 15.

____ 16.

____ 17.

What is the condensed structural formula for 2,2-dimethylbutane?

  1. CH3(CH2)3CH3
  2. (CH3)2CH2CH2CH2CH3
  3. CH3C(CH3)2CH2CH3

Which statement applies to nuclear fusion?

  1. It takes place in the sun.
  2. It occurs at low temperatures.
  3. It can be controlled in the laboratory.

An example of a secondary alcohol is shown by the structure _________.

  1. CH3CH2OH
  2. CH3CH(OH)CH3
  3. CH3CH2CH2OH

There are four different atoms or groups attached to an asymmetric carbon.

  1. true
  2. false

What is the change in atomic mass when an atom emits a beta particle?

  1. Mass decreases by 1.
  2. Mass does not change.
  3. Mass increases by 1.

A saturated straight-chain hydrocarbon with three carbons is _________.

  1. ethene
  2. decane
  3. propane

How many covalent bonds can each carbon atom form?

a. 2 b. 3 c. 4

Which molecule transmits the energy needed by cells for metabolism?

  1. ATP
  2. APP
  3. RNA

What is the change in atomic mass when an atom emits gamma radiation?

  1. Mass decreases by 2.
  2. Mass decreases by 1.
  3. Mass remains the same.

____ 18.

A carbon-carbon double bond is broken for the reactant in an addition reaction.

  1. true
  2. false

The type of functional group is the most important way to classify organic compounds.

  1. true
  2. false

Which type of coal has the highest carbon content?

  1. anthracite
  2. bituminous

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