total quality management tqm impact on customer service and company productivity scenario assignment

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Each student will consider a common crisis or issue likely to arise in the students’ chosen field. Together, they will research relevant facts, determine a course in response,

1) Introduction: Introduce your scenario, provide some background information, and capture your reader’s attention. Your scenario, dealing with the topic accepted by the instructor, should deal with a crisis, problem, or issue that arises in your field. Please be sure to take the complicated ideas related to your major and explain them in a way that someone with no background in your field can understand. Be sure to include a strong thesis statement in your introduction. Length: your introduction should be at least 2 paragraphs of at least 5 full and thoughtful sentences each. Depending on your writing style, it may need to be longer than that.

2) Literature review:

Choose at least 3 of the 5 sources you are including in your bibliography (to be submitted separately, via Blackboard). For each of the 3 sources, write a full and thoughtful paragraph of at least 5 sentences outlining a) the main ideas of the source and b) how this source helps you develop your ideas.

3) Body: Develop your own argument, referring back to your resources as needed. You may decide to structure the body in whatever way makes sense for your topic. For example, you could develop 2 or 3 main points within your overall argument, as you would in a traditional paper. Or, you could describe a problem-solving process your team would use to deal with the scenario, explaining how you would assess the problem, consider your options, take action, and evaluate your work. Remember that your audience does not know your field or your topic, so explain everything they need to know to focus their work, even if it seems obvious to you. Length: your body should be at least 3 full and thoughtful paragraphs of at least 5 sentences each. Depending on your writing style, you may need to write more than this.

4) Conclusion: Summarize your report and provide closure on the project by including significant, thoughtful reflections. Length: at least one paragraph of 5 full and thoughtful sentences; may need to be longer.

5)Bibliography :

It should include at least 5 sources which you are using for your topic. At least 2 should be articles from academic journals or books. The other 3 may be journal articles, academic books, high-quality news sources, government or corporate websites, high quality documentary videos, or interviews. Please do not use sites such as Wikipedia,, etc.

Bibliography should be formatted in APA or MLA style. The sources should be in alphabetical order. You do not need to annotate your bibliography; just the list of resources is fine. Please also provide a working link if you accessed the resource online.

Assignment format :

the assignment is worth 10 points, distributed as follows:

5 points are for typing, formatting, and basic rewriting:

  • Type the scenario report, using Microsoft Word. Use Times New Roman, 12-point font with standard spacing and 1 inch margins.
  • Give your report a title.
  • Please put the section headers in bold. Sections should be: Introduction, literature review, body, conclusion, and bibliography.
  • Fix your spelling and grammar errors.
  • The first page should be a cover page with the names and ID .
  • Include your bibliography as the last page of your paper.
  • If you had any citation mistakes in your report (for example, blocks of text taken from a source without proper citation), please fix these mistakes. All writing must be your group members’ writing, except for short, clearly marked quotes from cited sources. No Spinbot or translator-robot writing, no letting your brother or father or other “helper” “edit” your paper and turn it into something that doesn’t sound like student writing.

4 points:

1 point will be given for the inclusion of an argumentative thesis statement in your introduction. Your argument can be about an issue of fact, policy, or value; it should be something that a reasonable person might agree or disagree with. Statements which define your topic but do not provide an argument about your topic will receive 0 points for this section of the grade.

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