introduction to environmental engineering

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Consider that you are an environmental engineer who is working for Muscat Municipality. In 2018 you are asked to submit a report related to pollution control of Wilayat (AS SEEB) for Muscat municipality considering public health issues.

(AS SEEB in located in the Muscat the capital of Sultanate of Oman)

Task/Study: 1

You have to prepare a conceptual design for a wastewater treatment system for the selected Wilayat based on the following aspects

1. Types of pollutants produced, treatment units and processes (flowchart)

2. The water quality that would result from the system in term of quality, national and international standard, social and cultural acceptance, and ecological impact.

3. Controlling sources of pollution: Pollution prevention approaches to reduce, eliminate, or prevent pollution at its source, should be considered. Examples are to use less toxic raw materials or fuels, use a less-polluting industrial process, and to improve the efficiency of the process such as the use of sustainable manufacturing

Task/Study: 2

You have to prepare control strategies for managing air quality from land transportation to achieve air pollution reduction.

1. Controlling emissions related to transportation can include emission controls on vehicles as well as use of cleaner fuels.

2. Discuss stakeholder engagement and public participation and make sure that your design or strategy benefited both the environment and society

The Report should contain the following sections:

– Abstract

The abstract must be brief, but it has to tell the following:

The main objective.

Methodology; write about the main sections involved in the report.

Core results obtained; preferably not more than 2 sentences.

Conclusion; one or two sentences are recommended.

– Introduction

The introduction is very important as it sets the context for the report.

Summarize the brief, briefly outline the case and focus on its significance (problem statement), state the report’s aim (objective), and describe how the report is organized (methodology).

It is not usual to detail findings or recommendations in the introduction.

– Report body

The previous sections (abstract & introduction) are preliminary sections. Case study’s body section is organized as follows:

Headings should be informative and descriptive providing a clue to the contents of the section.

Describe the context of the case. Present the central issue you will be analyzing, what decisions have already been made, what communication processes are occurring in the situation. Focus on the facts.

Explain your methodology. Identify problems that are demonstrated in the case.

Present summaries of your findings and indicate how you decide for your design, and what is acceptable/not acceptable as a solution with justification.

Present an action plan for the recommendations. Recommendations in a case study report should be fairly detailed.

– Conclusions

Every report should include a concluding statement/s on the subject of the report. Restate the aim of the report and state how you have achieved it. Present the main findings and key recommendations in a summarized. You should also restate the limitations of the report.

– References

This is a list of all the sources of information you have referred to in the report (CU Harvard References Format); minimum 5 references.

– Appendix

Any additional figures, tables, and photos if required

** Total Word Count = As Long you cover All the requirements.

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