fundamentals of mineral industry mem 501

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MEM 501 – Fundamentals of the Mineral Industry

Module 4-1 Assignment – Surface Mining

(50 points)

Using Chapter 16 of the 2015 Corani Project 43-101 Technical Report, answer the following questions

  1. Read Section 16.8 – Mining Equipment, and answer the following questions. (10 points)
    1. What density was used for ore and waste?
    2. What swell factor was assumed?
    3. Calculate the loose density for ore and waste.
    4. Answer questions a-c using the density for bofedal soils.
  2. In Section 16.8.1 – Drilling (10 points)
    1. Why do the authors recommend leasing drills?
    2. Using the burden and spacing values provided and the density for ore, calculate the tonnage per hole based on this design.
  3. In Section 16.8.2 – Loading (10 points)
    1. What type of loading equipment do they recommend? Why did they choose this type of loading equipment?
    2. Under what conditions would you recommend choosing a different loader type?
  4. In Section 16.8.3 – Hauling (20 points)
    1. The authors recommend that the trucks be overhauled every 15,000 hours and replaced every 60,000 hours, how many times will the trucks be overhauled and replaced during the life of the operation using information given in Sections 16.8 and 16.11. Explain your answer.

Module 4-2 Assignment – Surface Mining

(50 points)

Read Optimization of the load-and-haul operation at an opencast colliery and answer the following questions

  1. What is bucket fill factor (BFF)? Describe two factors that might impact the BFF value? (10 points)
  2. What are some of the loading conditions, as described in the paper that might have a negative impact on production? What were some of the differences between in-pit loading conditions and conditions at the stockpile? (10 points)
  3. What recommendations did the author provide to increase production? Do you agree with these recommendations? Why or why not? (10 points)

Scenario Questions

  1. You are the general manager for a large copper mine in Chile. You have been tasked with increasing production by 5 percent over the next year. Think holistically when answering these questions, e.g., operations, maintenance, engineering, etc. (20 points)
    1. What steps or systems would you implement to achieve a 5% increase?
    2. Well, corporate just called and now they want a 25% increase in production…. what would you suggest?

Submit your answers by the due date and save the file as a pdf before uploading to the Assignment 4-1 Dropbox under “Module 4” on D2L. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.


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