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Please separate each discussion post; at least 200 words each, at least 1 reference each


Old age has its pleasures, which, though different, are not less than the pleasures of youth” (QSG, 2017). Just like the above excerpt, regardless of the negated perspective about ageing, I too suppose that with age comes cognitive attributes such as sound decision-making and the general psychological development of an individual. In my opinion, I consider wise decision-making abilities associated with ageing as the most crucial and important aspect in one’s life. Moreover, another ageing aspect that I suppose positive is how old age makes one mature in general right from his or her thinking to how the individual relates with those around. On the contrary, the idea of growing physically unfit besides being prone to a surfeit of old age diseases such as diabetes and pressure among others are some aspects I view negatively.

Although my reasons for my angle of perspective regarding the whole ageing idea, I believe the environment in which I was brought up influenced my belief system. For instance, in my community, the older are given priorities when it comes to making crucial decisions, which apparently had me or rather made me accept and confirm the idea that, ageing comes with wisdom. However, regardless of my perspectives whether positive or negative regarding ageing, I understand that I too will age one day and so the manner in which I handle or rather relate with old people matters. In fact, to eliminate the supposedly negative suppositions about old age, engaging in community activities to help the old would significantly change my whole view of everything. I would not only get to interact with these individuals but also get the chance to understand what it really means by being old unlike basing on what I have been raised to know.

Queensland State Government, (2017). Ageing Myth and Reality. Retrieved 17 March 2017, from…


Describe your personal beliefs about aging with respect to physical, cognitive, and psychosocial domains. Which aspects of aging do you view positively? Which aspects do you view negatively? What influences your belief system? If you identify a negative stereotype related to aging or older adults, identify one activity you could engage in to increase your understanding of this stage in the life span.

I have some positive and negative views about aging. One of the negative views I have about aging is the physical changes your body goes through. Some of the things that change with aging are a decline in your heart, decline in bones, muscles, &joints, changes in hearing and vision, and your hair, nails, and skin (Johnson Memorial Health, 2015). Without proper exercise and nutrition your body will decline faster. Aging causes loss in hair, thinning nails, wrinkles in your skin, weakening in your bones, muscles, and joints. You also lose hearing and vision sharpness as you get older and I’m not looking forward to that. Another negative view I have about aging is cognitive skills. As you get older some cognitive skills are on the decline such as recent memory and formation of new memories. Language is affected in a way. The process of getting out words and retrieving words become harder (Emory University, 2016).Not all things are negative with cognitive skills like intelligence remains stable with age. Remote memory and the recalling of past events that have been stored are preserved in old age. I have a positive outlook on aging when it comes to psychosocial changes. As you age your personality traits tend to stay stable. Most aging adults view Erik Erikson’s final conflict integrity versus despair in a positive manner. Aging adults have a lot of wisdom. They have great relationships with their friends and some continue to work after retirement.


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