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Hello I need help in writing a “1 & 1/2 page essay on one of the topics below. Please see the attached file for instructions and required course references to use.

Consider the readings and videos for this week. Then select one of the following questions to answer:

  • [Week 4 Video 1.] Find an example in your own experience of a communication-related challenge stemming from the difference between high and low context in culture. Identify any potential misunderstanding or difficulty that you may have observed in interpreting an individual’s intended meaning. For example, if someone from a different culture seems too direct (low context), the exchange can seem, incorrectly, to imply a harsh tone, while being too indirect (high context) can seem, incorrectly, to reflect fear or hesitation. Try to reason how some knowledge of high versus low context in different cultures might have helped avoid any confusion.
  • [Week 4 Video 2.] Consider the various cultural dimensions under the broad heading of proxemics, including proxemics itself (physical distance), oculesics (eye contact, such as length of gaze), vocalics (use of voice, such as inflection or loudness), chronemics (time-sequencing in conversation), kinesics (body language), or haptics (physical touch as a part of regular communication). Identify an example from your own experience in which one or more of these dimensions was at play in creating some manner of confusion in interpreting someone’s intent. For example, ample misunderstandings can result from failing to understand hand-holding between men in certain cultures, touching the other person’s arm during a normal conversation, or appearing to gaze a bit too long due to different cultural norms.

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