research paper will focus on a topic that relates to religion and anthropology

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Research paper will focus on a topic that relates to religion and anthropology. You will research and write about the belief system that intrigues you, or one you are familiar with, or one that you want to learn more about. Your final paper will be written based on the outline that you delineated in your proposal. Your final paper must have:

  • An abstract
  • An introduction with a thesis statement—in this section you will describe the belief system that you have researched in detail, you will identify a particular issue (of a cultural, social nature) and you will explain how this belief system addresses the supernatural—all belief systems do, even if you’re writing about atheism you need to address the supernatural.
  • A literature review
  • A discussion section where you will identify the challenges and/or changes that the belief system is experiencing, and how it fits with the themes discussed in this course.
  • A conclusion
  • A references page

This assignment consists of a minimum of 1,850-words.

General guidelines:

  • You must incorporate the concepts and theories that we covered in this course, and you will locate your discussion in a particular social and historical context.
  • You will use a minimum of five sources, three of which must be academic, that is, research on belief systems written in academic publications and/or peer reviewed journal articles. This is library work and you must make sure to go to our library and ask the librarian to help you using the library’s research tools if you’re unfamiliar with them. Youtube or web videos and/or images cannot be counted as one of your sources.
  • You will type the paper using Arial or Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point font.
  • You will reference and use in-text citations following APA format. Please make sure that your References page is formatted correctly in APA, following the guidelines located here

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