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the topic is definitely important, but you will need to find varied perspectives on it. Please, do not seek sources that all have the same vector: drug abuse is terrible, and we need to ‘end the scourge.”

Here are some alternative perspectives you may find interesting to consider:

1) The war on drugs was started as a means to imprison more African-Americans.

2) The war on drugs is a failure. Law enforcement is not the way to solve the drug problem; treatment is.

3) Legalizing drugs will decriminalize the whole drug industry and will deprive cartels of their profits.

Please, really look into very different perspectives. Before you start the official exploration as in writing the actual paper, perhaps you should read up on the topic, watch some YouTube material just to get the sense of multiple views on this issue. I am not sensing the multiple viewpoints form your quick write-up here just yet.

  • Exploratory Essay Assignment


    • Write an exploratory essay in which you narrate in first-person, chronological order, the evolution through time of your thinking about an issue or problem
    • Synthesize three sources on the issue


    Write an exploratory essay in which you narrate in first-person, chronological order, the evolution through time of your thinking about an issue or problem. Rather than state a thesis or a claim, begin with a question or problem. Then describe your inquiry process as you worked your way through sources or different views.You must synthesize five sources about a debatable issue. Pick an issue that you may later write about for your Researched Argument essay. The purpose of the Exploratory paper is to show how different writers discuss and provide evidence for their viewpoints on a highly debated subject. You also need to think about each writer’s reasons and assumptions in the debate. In sum, this paper’s purpose is to inform the reader about the different sides/issues of a debate by identifying major points by each author and creating a balanced presentation about the issue.Since this is not an argument-based assignment, your introduction will not state and defend a thesis. Rather, your intro will show your investment in the issue, which may include personal experience. Similarly, your conclusion will not re-state a thesis. Instead, your summation will create a path for further exploration of your research question. Out of your three sources, two must be academic. Only one source can be from a website/newspaper/film. The others will be academic sources from MC’s library database or from your textbook.You must state a research question that is exigent, arguable and scholarly. Your sources must be varied and reflect the multiple perspectives on the issue. This is not a persuasive essay. You must do more than summarize sources—advanced critical thought is required.

    • Please view the Grading Rubric page at the end of this unit to view the grading criteria for this assignment.
    • Please make sure your in-text citations and Works Cited page are correctly formatted.

    Due: Sunday, Week 10

    Requirements :

    • The final paper should be approximately 850 words in length plus a Works Cited page in MLA format. Don’t forget to include your in-text citations!

    Where should I post my work? Submit a revised, final copy of your Exploratory Essay here via Write Submission. Upload/attach your essay as a Word file. Your Word file should be named: LASTNAME_EE.doc (Example: SMITH_EE.doc).

  • Exploratory Essay Suggested Organization

    Introduction: One to several paragraphs Establish that your question is complex, problematic and significant.Explain why you are interested in this issue.Present relevant background information on the issue.Begin with your question or build up to it, using it to end your introduction.
    Body Paragraph 1: First viewpoint or source Introduce your first sourceProvide rhetorical context on itSummarize the source’s content and argumentOffer your response to the sourceDiscuss how this source contributes to your understanding of the question (What did you learn?What value does this source have for you? Was there any information lacking from the source?
    Body Paragraph 2 and rest of body paragraphs Repeat the steps aboveExplain how your thinking is being shaped by the information presented in these sources.
    Conclusion Wrap up your intellectual journey and explain where you are now in your thinking and how yourunderstanding of the issue has changed.Present your current answer to your question based on what you have learned so far or explain why your opinion is inconclusive and what further research you may need to further delve into the issue.
    Go the next page to view the rubric for this essay!

  • Exploratory Essay Rubric

    Scoring Rubric for the Exploratory Essay1. Introduction (15 points): Describes the problem, why it is worth pursuing, why it is problematic, why you, as the investigator, are interested in it; in other words, it hooks the reader.2. Content and Development (40 points): Includes #2-#4 Considers alternative views and plays them off against each other.

    3. Offers new, relevant input and responds to it thoughtfully. For readers, you need to summarize and explain the new input (from a book, article, interview) and then analyze and evaluate it, playing the believing and doubting game and exploring how this new input affects your thinking. Repeats this process several times.4. Integrates source material into essay correctly and effectively so that all borrowed facts, ideas, and words are documented and quotes are not left hanging. (Draws from three relevant sources)5. Works cited list is complete and correct. All sources are cited correctly within the essay. *Pass/fail. This is a requirement for this essay
    6. Conclusion (15 points): Closing is satisfying to reader, explaining how the process of exploration has affected your thinking on the issue you are investigating.

    7. Style (10 points): Your writing demonstrates careful editing with attention to stylistic choices such as strong use of verbs, use of attributive tags, strategic use of punctuation, and unified, linked paragraphs.

    8. Proofreading (20 points): Your essay demonstrates careful proofreading and does not contain serious errors in spelling or punctuation (in particular, comma splice errors, sentence fragments, fused sentences, misused semicolons or colons).

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