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Pick one of the following topics and write your term paper on it. You may choose a topic on Socrates & Plato or Descartes. Papers should be a minimum of three typewritten pages in MLA format using Times New Roman 12 pt font, double-spaced. If you quote from your book, please provide the line number(s) in a citation after the close of the quotation marks. There is no need to provide a Works Cited page.

Topic A:

In his Apology Plato’s Socrates clearly indicates he would continue to philosophize even if the court ordered him not to–clearly he does not believe one must obey the laws of the state. In his Crito, however, he accepts a death sentence and refuses to escape from an unjust conviction–he chooses to obey the state’s laws. It seems there is an inconsistency or contradiction here–either one has to obey the laws or one doesn’t! Which is Plato’s real view? If Plato’s Socrates is willing to disobey a bad law which says “Don’t philosophize,” why won’t he disobey the state when it comes to life and death?

Topic B:

Descartes famously argues “I think, therefore I am” (though he doesn’t say this in Meditation II). What is Descartes’ basis for the conclusion that he exists? Is his argument compelling? What does he take himself to be? Consider one of your own objections to Descartes’ proof that he exists. How would Descartes respond, and would that response be adequate?

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