help with 7 hw questions solving equations

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These are the questions…

1.A man ordered

3 times as many boxes of ballpoint pens as boxes of felt-tip pens.

Ballpoint pens cost $

4.37 per box, and

felt-tip pens cost $

3.41. If the man’s order of pens totaled $


49.56, how many boxes of each type of pen did he buy?



33 hours of work, you are paid $

245.85. How much would you receive for


39 hours?

3. Two part-time employees share one full-time job. A girl works

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and a boy works

Tuesdays and Thursdays. The job pays an annual salary of $

28,612. What annual salary does each employee earn?

4. If $1 in U.S. Dollars is equivalent


Chinese yuan

yuan, convert $

16,000 to


5.A company purchased 10,000 pairs of men’s slacks for $

19.06 per pair and marked them up

$23.03. What was the selling price of each pair of slacks? Use the formula

Upper S = Upper C+M.

6.Elaine purchased a new copy machine and financed it for one year. The installment price was

$3947.50 and the cash price was $

3670. Find the amount of finance charge using the formula Finance charge


=Installment price


−Cash price.

7. Ron borrowed $

40,000 to start up his consulting business. The loan had a simple interest rate of

5.2% for

2 years. Use the formula I

equals=prt to find teh amount of interest he will pay on the loan. he will pay on the loan. I


=interest, p


=principal, r


=rate (expressed as a decimal


0.052), t


=time in years.


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