do not own book choose one of these reading prompts to respond to there are multiple parts to each reading prompt you must answer all parts 1

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Topics: Making and Seeing Family

Read: BenwayFar From the Tree pp. 180 – end

Author: Benway

Publisher: HarperCollins

Choose one of these reading prompts to respond to (there are multiple parts to each reading prompt, you must answer all parts). • Essays: must be a minimum of 450 words (which is about 1 ½ pages double-spaced in Times New Roman) •Use quotes from book to support answer

1. What do you see as the main differences between Grace, Maya and Joaquin’s lives? How were they affected by the decisions of adults in their lives? At this point in the story all three have experienced different versions of love and loss. How is each of their losses similar and how are they different? How does each deal with loss on a daily basis and what affects do their losses have on their lives? How does each come to experience the feeling of being loved? Why does this love matter? (When answering this question you can use the whole book, you aren’t limited to just the second half)

2. Consider the effect of adoption on the lives of Grace, Joaquin, and Maya. Being with sections of the story to discuss how their lives are positively affected. (Again, you can consider the whole book here when referencing) What arguments can be made for and against open and closed adoptions (you need to discuss both) when considering the lives of the adopted children and their adoptive parents? Should the government be able to mandate whether adoptions can be closed? How does a well-functioning adoption system help children? Do you believe that the US has a good system of foster and adoption (you might need to do some online research to answer this one)?

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