what are the characteristics 1

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I have attached the the sections from the book (ABUSERS AND THE ABUSED). If you need any of the other sections from the chapters (no more than 1 or 2 please) let me know and I’ll let you know what other sections there are and I’ll attach them.

Writing Assignment #1: From Chapters 2 and 3, find the headings on ABUSERS AND THE

ABUSED and describe the characteristics of each. For some reason, many students neglect to

cover the material in both chapters, so be certain to include information from those sections in

both chapters. (3 pages)

Please follow these guidlines:


All written work is subject to plagiarism detection software review.

ï‚· Double Spaced.

ï‚· 1 inch margins.

ï‚· ï‚· 12 point font.

ï‚· Times New Roman font.

ï‚· At least one paragraph indent per page; avoid long run-on paragraphs.

ï‚· You cannot have one sentence paragraphs.

ï‚· Avoid abbreviations.

 Avoid contractions (for example, use “do not” instead of “don’t” and “cannot” instead of


ï‚· Use 3rd person voice: they, them, their; not 1st person voice such I, we, and our; and not

2nd person voice such as he, she.

ï‚· Use formal language; avoid slang.

ï‚· Use a formal writing style, but you do not have to use a professional writing style such as

ASA or APA writing styles. Just make certain your paper has a formal tone.

 Introduce information by using any of the following established methods: “According to

Wallace….” (if you are referring to the author of the text), or “O’Brien contends….” (if

you are referring to a particular theorist or researcher whose work is covered in the text).

This is the type of language you would find in a sociology text or journal. This is what I

mean by a formal writing style.

ï‚· Do not use quotes. Generally, quotes detract from an essay rather than enhance it, so

paraphrase and use your own words.

ï‚· Do not plagiarize. Again use your own words. One form of plagiarizing is using

sentences and phrases directly from the text without putting them in your own words.

ï‚· Be concise. Avoid wordiness and too many generalizations.

ï‚· Stay on topic.

ï‚· AVOID OPINION!!! These are not reflective papers. They are your summary of

important text material. The purpose of these papers is to make certain you understand

text material, not to give your opinion on the material.

ï‚· No reference page. I am familiar with the text and you should use only the text for these


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