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What terrible chore is better than writing an essay?

What terrible chore would you rather do than sitting down and writing an essay? Please post a photo of a terrible chore/s that you would rather do than write an essay, into the body of your thread (no attachments please).

No repeats are allowed. I have posted a photo ‘doing dishes’ which means, no one can now upload a photo of ‘doing dishes.’ So if someone uploads a photo of folding laundry, then no one else is allowed to upload that image as it’s already been done.

I remember being a student and just about any chore then was better than writing an essay (I once spent 8 hours cleaning the kitchen rather than write an essay), so please get creative. And playing, feeding, walking – kids, cats, or dogs doesn’t count as that isn’t really a chore (most the time).

Also, explain “artistically” why you chose this photo. What is it about this photo (apart from your wonderful self) that made you submit this photo? Where do you see the art in your photo? (Is it in the light, shadows, angles, textures, focus)?

Once you have uploaded your photo with art explanation, please comment on two of your classmates posts to receive full credit.

cat sink

Student Example – Art Description – The art in this photo is in color of the cat’s eyes and the long white whiskers that seem to like ghost fish swimming. This photo is successful because of the way the cat is looking up so trustfully, and the fact that all the dishes are done!

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