750 words of sociological film analysis based on a film and readings attached

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750 words of sociological film analysis – based on a film and readings attached

Film Analysis

Please answer ONE of the prompts as listed below. The response should be 650-800 words, double-spaced. Students should draw upon lecture slides, readings, and appropriate when constructing responses to the questions.

Helpful Needs for this session:

  • Avoid plot summary. The goal is to analyze not summarize the book or film.
  • Refer to actual scenes in the book or film that illustrate your point.
  • Do not summarize the lecture notes in the analysis. The lecture notes are a starting point but students should supplement with their own insights on these texts.

Please keep in mind the following when writing your response:

  1. Please be specificwhen referring to scenes, characters, symbols, etc. from a film to support your answer. Avoid, however, plot summary. Assume that the person reading the midterm is very familiar with the film and/or readings.
  2. When discussing the film, students must include one scene analysisto “anchor” the general anlaysi of the film in relationship to the prompt.
  3. You may quote from the readings, but use these sparingly. Quotes should not be used to summarize an argument or reveal plot summary.
  4. Responses that only summarize films, lectures, and readings will receive less points. Ideally, students are creating original analysis of the films and/or developing analysis already mentioned in class.
  5. Students should cite 2-3 readings from the syllabusin the construction of the response.
  6. Students should include citations as needed, but a bibliography is not necessary. Students only need to give the last name of author and page number within the body of the analysis, such as (Stoller, 15).

Remember, students only need to answer ONE of the following prompts:

Prompt #1

How is Peck’s documentary of Patrice Lumumba characteristic of the reflexive mode of documentary filmmaking? What creative restrictions were imposed on Peck in the filming of Lumumba? How did he creatively overcome these limitations? In the end, who is the subject of the film: Peck or Lumumba?

When constructing your essay, please keep the following questions in mind:

  • Why did Peck approach the filming of the documentary reflexively (rather than ise another mode, such as observational or dramatic)?
  • What is the relationship between this film and the “sociology of forgetting”?
  • How does Peck question the notion of “objectivity” in constructing a “biography” of Lumumba?
  • Who is the best source for knowing the “truth” of what happened to Lumumba and why he failed to persist as a leader of the Congo?


Prompt # 2

Wangari Maathai and her Green Belt Movement succeeded in ways that a leader, such as Patrice Lumuma, failed. Why is this so? What made her approach unique? Why is her story best told through the “Dramatic” and “Experiential” modes and not very well-suited for “Observational” or “Reflexive” modes of documentary filmmaking?

When constructing your essay, please keep the following questions in mind:

  • How did her gender affect her political strategizing and her reception by the national and international community (which may or may not be the same)?
  • How did she connect her movement to “reforest” Kenya to the colonialism?
  • How did planting trees become such a “radical” political act?
  • Why is it important for the Nobel committee to recognize her efforts?


Prompt #3

Both the documentary film Lost Boys of Sudanand Dave Egger’s What is the Whatdeal with the assimilation of the Lost Boys into American society. Compare and contrast these filmic and literary accounts of the assimilation experience. Note: Do not argue that one work is “better” than another…both are valid artistic and sociological texts, focus on how both strive to describe the social “realities” of the Lost Boys.

When constructing your essay, please keep the following questions in mind:

  • How do the two accounts work together to reveal a more complex the sociological perspective of the experience of the Lost Boys in America?
  • How do both accounts complicate the notion of the “American Dream” for newly arrived refugees?
  • How do the film and/or the book deal with issues of trauma and the process of remembering events and telling one’s story?
  • How does Egger’s novel complicate notions of objectivity and truthfulness in reporting “real” events and humanitarian crises?

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