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PER 463 Final Project

DYSLIPIDEMIA -is my project topic

**Grading Scale– 100 point project (50 points for Info/50 points for exercise program)

  • How to write the paper
  • How to format the paper
  • Paper length is a minimum of 5 pages not including title page and reference page.
  • Paper should include all major points about topic
  • Topics will be chosen the first week of class

Suggested makeup of the paper

Introduction What is our disease/problem?

  • What causes the disease? Is it autoimmune? Explain it.
  • How does it negatively affect us?

Intro cont.-

  • What affect does this have on our quality of life?
  • How many people have it?
  • Tell why this is important.
  • Tell how it affects people in many ways and everyday life.


  • How is exercise going to benefit this specific population?
  • What are issues/barriers that can affect how this person may/may not be able to exercise? Contraindications?
  • State anything that affects them negatively.


Exercise Testing

  • How would you go about exercise testing people in this population?
  • What tests and precautions would you need to take depending on you specific test? (bike or treadmill)

Exercise Recommendations

  • Recommendation for Exercise for this specific population (Frequency, Intensity, Time).
  • Tell how many sets, reps, %ages would be appropriate
  • Specificity and Type
  • Include Cardio and Resistance Training minimally.

Exercise Program Guidelines: using a make believe subject write a program explaining how you would take someone with your specific disease through a workout and progress them over time. Make sure you utilize the appropriate guidelines for you disease or disorder. Explain why you are choosing the types and specific exercises you are choosing.

Use the rubric on canvas to help you know what to include.

Make sure you have a goal and include

The FITT formula.

Also make sure you are following the guidelines set forth by the ACSM that are specific to your special population when formulating your plan. This will be an overview of a program that details how to properly progress someone. Every Week will not have to be broken into daily activities. Once you have given an example of a week more general FIT can be used for the rest of the program to show progress.


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