employee use of social media 1

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Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • How can an employee’s use of social media positively or negatively affect their company even if done on their own time and from their own personal account(s)?


Respond to the following in a minimum of 100 words

Good afternoon class,

An employees actions can be perceived as representation of the employer whether the employee intends on their actions being seen that way or not. When employees are bashing the company’s competition in unfavorable ways or even bashing management practices on social media, it can be looked upon as a stain for the company. For example, I had a friend who worked for PepsiCo. He would always post things on his social media bashing CocaCola products. To my friend, he felt like he was doing his company a favor, but he did not realize that PepsiCo and CocaCola come up with collective strategic initiatives often. They have collaborated for veterans and even have a green initiaive that they are working together on. When employees bash the competition, they do not realize that one day the companies may have to work together for the greater good or they may even merge or acquire the competition and bad PR is not good for any of these business moves. So, because of these strategic partnerships, my friend was told by management not to post any negative things about CocaCola on his page anymore.


Respond to the following in a minimum of 100 words

Hello everyone,

Once an individual is affiliated with a company or organization, they have to be mindful of their online presence. The things they like or dislike, as well as post and repost, can be used against the organization in a positive or negative manner. Politics, religion, and racial posts and comments have back to bite numerous people, including celebrities. We live in a culture that is quick to “cancel” someone or something based on a social media post or response. Many organizations have been on the receiving end of being cancelled due to insensitivity or ignorance to a group of people. Understanding that your social media accounts are yours, but someone is always watching is a concept that many individuals have not yet grasped. It is extremely important to note that there is always someone willing to dig through years worth of content to prove a point, and deleting offensive material does not mean it has not been shared or screenshotted by someone else. Something to reflect on, is not to be upset and feel like your social media accounts are being policed by others, but rather why does offensive content entice you enough to feel like spreading it out into the world?

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