class piano i homework please transpose this melody originally in c major into the following keys

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A. Please transpose this melody (originally in C Major) into the following keys:

In treble clef in D major, B flat major

In bass clef in aa flat major, G major

B. On a separate page I would like to write the scales with Roman numerals and following triads and inversions:

Treble clef: E flat major (I, III, IV), B major (I, II, V)

Bass clef: A major (I, VI, VII)

*Please note that Roman numerals refer to the root notes (most important and lowest notes in a triad).

A triad is a three note chord, three notes apart. For example, C triad is CEG, D triad is DFA, etc.

*Inversions are formed by leaving the top two notes of the triad intact and moving the bottom note an octave (8 notes up): CEG (root position), EGC (1st inversion), GCE (2nd inversion).


Here are the steps you should take when transposing a piece in the different key–

1. Determine the key (at this point I will let you know the key);

2. Write the scale and numbers (Roman numerals). For example, in the key of C major C is I, D is II, E is III, F is IV, G is V, A is VI, and B is VII. In the key of F major F is I, G is II, etc, etc.

3. Assign the numbers to the melody according to the scale;

4. Write the new scale and numbers;

5. Transpose the original melody in the new key using the new scale and numbers.

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