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Chapter 10:

1. Explain the vertical integration options and directions for the following providers: (a) a major academic medical center such as the University of Iowa, (b) a five-person general surgery group, and (c) a manufacturer of the durable medical equipment.

2. Several sources of power are available to any distribution channel member. These sources can take the form of economic power, rewards, referent power, coercion, or expertise. Select any doctor office you know, and any pharmaceutical firm (using sales representatives), and explain how the sources of power are exercised in that relationship. For instance, who exercises coercion and what is the content of the coercion, who exercises reward and its content, so forth, so on.

3. Organizations can be positioned perceptually in terms of the breadth of their product line and the perceived value-added. Find two organizations in the health service industry positioned by the product line and two by the value-added. Explain your selection.

Chapter 11:

4. What are pull and push strategies? Find two examples of push strategies, and two for pull strategies. Describe them.

5. The promotional mix for an organization consists of advertising, personal selling, publicity, and sales promotion. Fin one example currently being used by any health organization for each promotional mix. Describe the content of each promotional tool.

Chapter 12:

7. Recently, the physician marketing task force at State University Medical Center developed a physician referral directory and advertisement. The target was primary care physicians in the region who could refer patients to State University for tertiary care. A cardiologist who was an undergraduate English major chaired the committee and drafted the materials. Three months after distribution of the advertisement and directory, responses were disappointing. Explain how this process could have been improved to increase likely response.

8. The director of a cardiac rehabilitation program was approached recently by a sales representative from the community newspaper selling advertising space. The sales representative underscored the fact that the paper had the largest circulation of any of the three papers serving the area, and it had the lowest cost-per-thousand. Before deciding to use this medium, what other factors should the program director consider?

Submission Requirements:

1. 100-word written document or more in APA style for all the questions, so ample explanations in your own words based on your rationale and experience are needed to get an “A”.

Submit this assignment through the Turnitin link shown below. Please, check carefully the originality of your submission. The answers must be 100% original. Do not include questions in the submission, just the answers. The instructor will not accept any percentage of similarity with external sources; if there is a similarity, your work will be considered invalid. If you have any questions, contact your instructor.

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