write a 2800 word paper on a specific legal topic with in depth analysis citation and persuasion

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Please thoroughly read the attached syllabus, especially the parts regarding Writing. This is an extremely important paper so I ask that if you choose to work on it you are careful and precise in making sure it is appropriately competed, I will absolutely tip extra if deserving.

I would personally prefer if the topic in some form had to do with environmentalism or some sort of that kind of an issue/argument! If you find other more appealing let me know and we can definitely discuss on the best idea.

Specific and detailed directions for the paper are mostly found in the document named “PROJECT Law”, please make sure you clearly and carefully follow the directions given.

All other documents are mixes of e-mails form the professor and other assignments to help you better understand the requirements and methods to best complete this essay. Please make sure to pay attention to all of them as this professor is very picky and precise I what is asked; I will obviously read it after as well to make sure it follows guidelines and styles the the professor would like. This may be a college paper but please treat it as a graduate/professional level one and be as thorough as possible.

Following are also some other comments/emails from the professor giving more indications.

-You need to find a legal topic, and you can discuss religion, if that’s your preference, by looking at USSC cases in which public funding was being used for religious education (there are current cases on this RIGHT NOW in the Supreme Court)…or, you can discuss any other environmental topic within the context of law….But you need to focus on something concrete, legal. JUST PICK A LEGAL TOPIC! If you don’t have one within a day or two, I’ll assign you one….It’s not supposed to involve topics as broad and epic and abstract as what you have here.

-One of the most frequent questions being asked about the document you are writing is “how many pages does it have to be?” If you look at the project description, which has been on Blackboard since January 31, you’ll see that it says the document must be 2800 words. I can see from the “statistics track views” data that very few people have opened this document, so I’d like to remind you that it’s there.

Thank you so much for your help! 🙂

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