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Topic: Compare and contrast society during the early Renaissance in Europe to contemporary society

Besides general instructions below, please see attached introduction and thesis requirements and guidelines. This is very important as I received negative comments from professor when he graded my week 4 annotated-bibliography..doc, which is attached a well. Please review this document before starting to work on this draft, as I must carefully review my introduction and thesis and revise accordingly.

please see general instructions for this draft below:

Please keep in mind that your draft should be a “largely complete” and “impeccably formatted” draft of 7 pages. It must utilize a minimum of 4 sources from annotated bibliography document and it must include a properly formatted reference page. ( see attached week 4 annotated-bibliography..doc)

IMPORTANT: It is extremely important that your essay meets the minimum required length of five pages. Please note that this minimum requirement is for five full pages and this total is not to include your cover or reference pages. (Keep in mind that a “full page” is a page entirely covered in text; therefore, a paper with four and one half pages of text would not meet the five page minimum requirement. Similarly, an essay that occupies seven full pages but includes charts, tables, and/or images within the body of the paper would not meet the five page minimum requirement. Finally, I encourage everyone to take full advantage of the seven page limit to fully develop and detail his or her essay.)

Failure to meet the minimum length requirement will result (at minimum) in a 50% deduction in grade.

In addition, please note that your final essay must be accompanied by a properly formatted APA reference page–NOT an Annotated Bibliography.

Here are some additional reminders:

–Your essay must be written in third person–NOT first person.

–Your thesis statement should be posited as the final sentence of your introductory paragraph.

–I suggest that you take full advantage of the seven page limit to fully detail and develop your essay and fully explore your topic.

This is not an expository essay, therefore you must do more than simply provide information-you must argue in support of your thesis.

This is a college level essay. It must be properly formatted in accordance with APA guidelines; it must be free from errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It must be fully documented in accordance with APA requirements for documenting research–including appropriate in-text citations and reference page.

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