assignment 3 161

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Read the following carefully:

This assignment must be typed, double–spaced , and in complete-sentence format. You must

upload your paper as a PDF file to our Sakai site (under “Assignments”)

Your total word-count should be 650 to 800 words (about three pages).

Be sure to save all your work in case you are asked to re-submit your paper.

1. Use MLA formatting* and Standard English

2. Type your assignment

3. Double–space your assignment

4. Use complete-sentence format

5. Include your student number next to your name

6. Underline your surname.

7. Do not attach a cover-sheet.

8. Provide a word count at the end of your report. Your total word-count should be

650 to 800 words (about three pages).

This paper must be written in Standard English with the goal of submitting an error-free report.

Whenever you provide a subjective description of a piece, state which elements (musical

materials) in the sound led you to your conclusion. Use musical terminology (as discussed in

class) to accurately describe the pieces. You may use the notes provided on Sakai, or any on

line research you wish. Be sure to cite any sources using footnotes or end notes.

1F10 Written Assignment #3

Part A.

Choose any two pieces from the folder marked “1F10 Final Exam 2020 Listening Examples”

found in the “Final Exam 2020” folder on Sakai. You will need to discuss each of these pieces in

your paper (one paragraph for each piece). Describe the nature of this music using

terminology presented in class.

Here are some possible points of discussion for your paper:

1. Is there anything in particular that stands out (e.g., rhythm, harmony, texture etc.)?

2. Is the melody generally conjunct or disjunct? Does it cover a wide range or narrow?

3. Are there any interesting rhythmic patterns, or changes in texture? 4. Does the timbre of the instruments suit the style of music? Page 2 of 2

5. Does this music create vivid images or emotions in your mind. Describe these images

or emotions. What sounds (i.e., materials) do you hear in the music that evokes these

images or emotions?

Part B

Imagine that you are a film maker seeking inspiration by listening to these pieces. Choose any

one piece from the folder (different from the pieces in Part A) that you would use as a sound

track for your film. Briefly describe the scene in your film and explain how this music enhances

or depicts the action on screen. (one paragraph).

Note: You paper should consist of three paragraphs. Each paragraph should be roughly the

same length. Be sure that your total word count does not exceed 800 words. Do not include an

introductory or concluding paragraph. Do not choose the same piece more than once.

This assignment is due on or before Friday March 27 at 11:55pm. You must upload your paper

as a PDF file to our Sakai Site (under Assignments) Deductions for late assignments are stated

in the course outline.

Plagiarism: Plagiarism is a serious academic offence. This concert report should consist of

your personal observations. Any references you use must be properly cited (footnotes or end

notes). The graders of this assignment have been instructed to investigate any instances of

suspected plagiarism.

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