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Biology 1001 Assignment

  1. A triploid cell in humans would have how many chromosomes? _____________
  2. ____________are alternate forms of a gene at the same locus.
  3. Chromosomes that are not sex chromosomes are called ______________
  4. If it takes two copies of a gene to be expressed, the gene is considered to be _________.
  5. If the phenotype of a heterozygous is intermediate between the phenotype of homozygous, the mode of inheritance is said to be __________ ______________
  6. __________ is a condition in which chromosomes fail to separate in anaphase.
  7. Meiosis in females results in one egg and two___________ ____________
  8. A person with a normal phenotype who is able to pass on abnormal trait to an offspring is called a(n) ___________________.
  9. Spindle fibers attach to chromosomes at a spot call the __________________
  10. In a certain organism 2N=40. Sperm cells will have ____________ chromosomes
  11. In metaphase, chromosomes are composed of two ______________________
  12. During meiosis it is possible for certain genes to be inactivated by the addition of a methyl group. This process is referred to as genetic ____________________
  13. In meiosis, no sister chromatids of homologous chromosomes can exchange pieces in a process called________________ _____________________
  14. The most prominent symptom of prayer-William syndrome is morbid_______________
  15. Spindle fibers are constructed from the protein ____________________________
  16. Alternate forms of the same gene at a given locus are called __________________
  17. A male with two X chromosomes has _________________ syndrome.
  18. ______________ is a general term to describe cells with three or more set of chromosomes
  19. The notation for a normal male karyotype is ______________________
  20. Being a carrier for sickle cell anemia(having sickle cell trait) can make you resistant to _______________________

B. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences. There are seven questions. You only need to answer six of them. If you answer all of them, indicate which ones you want me to grade, or I will grade the first six.

  1. What is uniparental dismount?
  2. Show all of the genotype possible for a person with B+ blood.
  3. Why is nondisjunction a more common occurrence in older females? And don’t just say because their eggs are older.
  4. What cause the developing egg to progress from prophase II to metaphase II?
  5. Define incomplete dominance.
  6. If an Rh- person gets a transfusion with Rh+ blood there might not be a problem. But if there is a second transfusion with Rh+ blood there will be. Why?
  7. Describe the chromosome complement and name on important characteristic of Turner syndrome.

C. Answer the following questions carefully. If they are written answer, keep in mind that they are worth more points than the questions in part B, so they should be detailed answers. If they are problems, you MUST show your work. If you show your work you can get partial credit, even if an incorrect answer. If you don’t show your work you can not get credit even if the answer is correct.

  1. A certain recessive gene causes death of the embryo after only a few day is development. Two people are heterozygous for this gene. What proportion of their live-born children will also be heterozygous? Be careful.
  2. Name four things that are happening in prophase I of meiosis.
  3. An organism has a diploid chromosomes number of 8. Draw a picture of cells in:
  • (A)Metaphase of mitosis. (B). Metaphase II of meiosis
  1. Mary is A+ and bill is O-. Mary’s mother is O-. Bill and Mary are about to have a baby. What are the chance it will be:
  2. Explain two ways a child could have Prader-Willi syndrome.
  • a)A+
  • b)O-

In peas Yellow color is dominant over green and round over wrinkled. Both are autosomal genes. True-breeding yellow, round pews are crossed with true-breeding green, wrinkled peas, producing a generation known as F1. Two individuals from the F1 are crossed to produce an F2. What is the expected frequency of yellow wrinkled peas in the F2? (True breeding means that all the offspring are like the parents, which means the parents and the offspring are all homozygous.)

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