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Set 1:

The eerie mood is set for W. B. Yeats’s “The Second Coming,” from the first set of lines. Line 1 uses visual senses that create the image of the “gyre,” Yeats mentions, by the verbs he uses to explain it. His wording of “turning and turning” and “widening” are verbs that put a hypnotizing illustration in the reader’s mind. This imagery leads to feelings of being dizzy and lost. The next line indicates not being able to locate others from the failure to “hear the falconer.” Yeats uses the “falconer” and “falcon” as metaphors in this line. The falconer could be figuratively resembling a dominant figure in this world. The falcon could be figuratively referencing a person that is ruled by the falconer. It is shown that there is a lack of communication occurring between the powerful people to the rest of the world. Yeats uses the comparison of the falconer and the falcon to show the commonality that the two figures have with each other. It is successful because of the falcon is attempting to “hear the falconer.” This displays their association to each other. The setting of this poem is a space of uncertainty. The first line indicates the unreliability of the “gyre.” It is repeatedly “turning” and “widening” representing its unsteadiness. This space is shifting constantly with no direction because of the inability to gain guidance from the leader. Yeats creates an atmosphere of doubt and change that is placed upon the world. This shows how the mood of this atmosphere contains the feeling of insecurity throughout the lines.

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