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Topic: Problem and solution of global warming in the Pacific Ocean due to ocean rise and salinity level in the past 20 years.

In any event, make this assignment interesting and can be as enlightening. This should be focused enough for the length of this paper.

The following is the requirement for this essay to be marked Complete:
1. Thesis Statement. Topic and Purpose (keep it short, clear and concise to the reader. 8-12 sentences for thesis paragraph and include 2 sources in thesis paragraph)
2. List 4Problem {example Economic, political, technological etc}
3. List 3 Solution
4. Transition words for all topic sentence and within sentences.
5. Grab my attention with background history.
6. 14 Outside sources (articles, books, etc.) required
7. 20 quotes statistics, or other cited sources required
8. Each body paragraph should contain 10-12 sentences.
9. Each body paragraph should include 4 parentheticals. (no missing parentheticals)
10. create an Alpha Numeric Outline, 10 bibliography Cards, 25 Note Cards, Work cited pages.
11. Avoid Heavy reliance on one source (different sources please)
12. There should be more of your sentence than sources.
13. Avoid personal pronounce. (Use adverbs)
14. Underline topic Sentence Outline
15. Minimum of 14 work cited.
16. Bonus Paragraph should include Analogy, statement of benefits and Statistics.
The Research Paper should be informative, interesting, clear and focused, as well as factual. There is little if any room in this assignment for opinion. Be sure to cite all quotes, stats, and other inclusions that are not your own words!

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