javascript code for hash compression

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Hi, I need JavaScript code and corresponding HTML code to do the following:

If you look at some compression techniques (such as LZW Compression ) they make use of the concept of hashing techniques to compress files. We are going to do something similar. Consider the phrase

To be or not to be, that is the question.

Even though it does not make much sense to do this as the phrase is short. We are going to create bins for each word, and record the position of the instances of the words in the proper bins. So write a program that first has a series of bins


Because the word to occurs in positions 1 and 5, the bin for the word to will contain 1 and 5

to: 1, 5
be: 2, 6
or: 3
not: 4

Write an program that will take the phrase, create bins for each word, and then record the instance position of each word in the bin. It will then output each bin (word) and the locations of the word in the phrase. So if the input was;

I want what I want and I know what I want.

The output would be;

I: 1, 4, 7, 10
what: 3, 9
want: 2, 5, 11
and: 6
know: 8

I have included the base shell code to use (see attached word document). Use this code and expand to make sure it functions per instructions.

You will be able to use the String split function to separate the input into the initial array and I will only use spaces to separate words when testing your code. You can use an array, Lists, or Queues or combinations of these to hold the information. For example you could keep the bins in an array and each bin could be a list.

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