ethics paper 37

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You will need to pick a topic that has both legal and ethical components. In the past, students have picked such topic as collegiate athletes being paid for endorsements, football players and the issue of head injuries/trauma, gun violence, police wearing cameras, and sexual assault on college campuses. In the era of corona virus, the legal and ethical implications for business would also be an interesting topic. I would recommend that you go online and find a current topic that has both legal/ethical components to it. Do not choose a topic that is outdated or one where the legal/ethical issues have been resolved.

You will need to discuss 4 of your core values in the paper. Core values are usually adjectives that describe you. For example: honesty, integrity, and faithfulness. You will need to identify your core values and tell me how you live those values today and how you intend to live those values in the future. Use examples from your life. You will also need to include what it means to you to be an ethical person and how you create an ethical environment in your own life. If you need more information on this section of the paper, you can go to my Ethics Powerpoint lecture online.

You will then need to have a section of the paper that deals with the legal/ethical topic you chose. This portion of the paper should include a summary of the facts from the topic you chose. You will need to identify the key legal and ethical issues. You must then apply the Ethics Decision Model to your legal/ethical issues. You can find the Ethics Decision Model in the Ethics Powerpoint lecture online. You then need to identify action steps you would take to resolve the legal/ethical issue you have picked.

You may use up to 3-4 pages to complete the assignment. Headers are appreciated.

*I will attach the ppt for ethics*

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