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Interpersonal Communication

Communication Project

The purpose of this project is to add a very hands-on practical element to the class, as well as give you a chance to gain experience in not only formulating research questions in communication, but in discovering how to find sources, and answer those questions, to some degree.

Here are the parts of the project:

  1. Decide on a topic. (see list of topic ideas). Decide upon the essay you will do in a thoughtful way. Some of the activities may be too uncomfortable or painful for you to engage in right now in your life, while the person next to you may find the same activity useful and fun. You will notice that there are “self-authored” activities. Feel free to create your own experiment within the parameters listed. In each activity, if you believe any person — including yourself — is being harmed emotionally or physically, or that harm rather than good would come from this activity– STOP the activity. Due to time constraints, if this happens, just let me know and we can readjust the activity’s instructions so you can write your report. Use your good judgment in completing these activities.
  2. Find at least four (4) sources that might offer some advice or information on your topic. You can find these sources in the college library in person or on-line, and at websites, or at a local bookstore. Popular advice books and even appropriate magazine articles can be acceptable, as long as at least two of you sources are of scholarly origin- i.e. journals, studies or research articles. This will be part of your bibliography. (We will discuss appropriate academic sources in class). I suggest creating an annotated bibliography as you research, listing your sources and a summary of how each relates to your project topic. As your find sources and collect information, it is recommended that you take notes and summarize, first for your own benefit, and then to create a summary of information for your paper.
  3. Type a 4-5 page paper. In your essay, you should apply the theory from the classroom text, and 4 additional required sources. Each exercise asks for a brief report of what happened and the results. You will also analyze your experience, moving beyond mere description. You should follow the instructions of each choice. Some reports may be shorter or longer, but should answer the questions concisely yet thoroughly.
  4. You will be required to give a presentation for your project during the last weeks of class. Each student will have 4-5 minutes to present their topic, how the questions they answered was important, the findings resulting from their research, and any advice they could offer in this area. Presentation handouts are very much welcomed, and can make the presentation easy to follow and helpful to fellow student, whether it’s an outline of the information, a list of advice, a list of suggested readings, or whatever creative ideas you can come up with.


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