Individual ProjectUnit: Marketing Research Techniques

Deliverable Length: 10–12 PowerPoint slides (not including title or reference slides), with in-depth speaker notes.

Your supervisor, Mr. Johnson, has revealed to your marketing team that BevCo is going to produce a new beverage. Since the beverage is still in experiment mode, he wants every member of the marketing team to prepare a presentation of what he or she believes the new beverage should taste like, look like, and to whom should it be marketed.

In this assignment, you are asked to prepare a presentation of 10–12 PowerPoint slides with in-depth speaker notes. In your presentation, explain what angle BevCo should take in the development of the new beverage (i.e., taste, looks, and target market). Answer the following questions in your presentation:

  • What name did you come up with for the new beverage?
  • What flavor will it have?
    • What will the packaging and bottle/can look like?
    • What will the target market be?
    • How would you market the new beverage?
    • What would be your marketing slogan?
    • What are the various segmentation criteria that would impact your target market selection?
    • Give at least 3 recommendations of how BevCo can improve beverage sales by marketing the new beverage?

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