Son Jarocho

Report 4 (Son Jarocho):  CD 1. Select ONE of the following:

a) Track 19, El Fandango Jarocho (Conjunto Hueyapan)

b) Track 20, El Ahualulco (Conjunto Hueyapan)

c) Track 21, La Morena/El Cascabel (Conjunto Hueyapan)


Include the title, the name of the composer (if known) and of the performer. Identify

the instrument or instruments that stand out and mention anything that you noticed

about how they were played (mánicos, plucking, bowing). Describe the singing style.

Provide a summary of the lyrics (see the translations in the course reader) and point

out any significant details.

DUE DATE: October 5.


it is one page long only

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