Networking II Homework

DNS Resource Records and Troubleshooting
You arrive at work to find the junior network admin has left you a message wanting to know more about the different types of DNS zones. In the environment he is working on they have desktops, servers, Microsoft Exchange, and DNS servers. Explain the different types of DNS Zones and provide an example of each one. The junior admin also said he is having an issue at a client’s site where he can type in an IP address of a particular site such as but can’t type the DNS name. What are some tools that can help him troubleshoot this issue? Please respond to at least two other students’ posts.

Participation Requirements:
Your instructor will use the following points for evaluating your performance in this assessment:

  • Did you list the different types of DNS zones?
  • Did you provide examples of each DNS Zone?
  • Did you provide suggestions to help troubleshoot the DNS issue in the scenario?

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