Short research paper due at MIDNIGHT! Please help!



Please complete the following writing assignment using these guidelines:

  • 500-700 words in length
  • contains introduction with thesis statement or hypothesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and a   conclusion paragraph
  • plagiarized work will receive a zero and will be reported to college
  • quotes can only make up 10% of the writing
  • you must cite statements, facts, and quotes with the author’s last name and the year of the publication
  •              Example:  Horses should eat smaller more frequent meals (Mulligan, 2013).
  •              OR: In 2013, Mulligan found that horses should eat smaller more frequent meals.
  •              OR: Mulligan stated “Horses should eat smaller, more frequent meals,” (Mulligan, 2013).
  • references must be cited using MLA or APA format (find the Citation Builder link under Course Information tab in Blackboard)
  • each assignment will be worth 100 points (all 3 writing assignments make up 5% of your total grade in the   class)
  • points will be awarded using the rubric that you can view in My Grades


1. Part I:  Identify the components of the neuromuscular junction and summarize the events involved in neural control of skeletal muscles.  What is myasthenia gravis and how does it relate to this topic?                             

                                    Due  – 11:59PM on October 20th (Sunday)

     Part II: Respond to at least 2 classmates’ posts to discuss/ theorize other conditions that might affect or influence      the topic that was discussed (i.e. NMJ, muscle contraction, etc).  Please choose from the list of diseases,      disorders, toxins and drugs located in the Course Information folder.

                                    Due – 11:59PM on October 26th (Saturday)

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