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  1. The major code of ethics for your practice as a HCA was developed through the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). Many HCAs are “bicodal,” meaning members of clinical professions as well as being HCAs. Visit ACHE website at Contrast and compare the key features of the ACHE Code of Ethics to one of the specific professional codes listed below.,,, You might think that healthcare, with its emphasis on service and compassionate patient care would be the easiest environment in which to practice ethics. The unfortunate truth is that health care must balance business and compassion.
  2. Search the Web. Where would you find advice about how to practice as an ethics-based administration? List two (2) sources for ethical practice advice as a healthcare administrator. How can these sources help to prepare you to be an ethics-based administrator? Include both of the sources in your reference list APA formatted and cite your references appropriately in the body of your post.


    This post is a word count of 300 using APA formating, with intext citations, and references. Due on Sat. February 21, 2015

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