An Introduction to Political Science

Discussion Assignment

-The book you need : W. Phillips Shively. Power and Choice: An Introduction to Political Science (New York: McGraw Hill, 2007).


– Chapter 7: Democratization in Spain, Authoritarian Drift in Venezuela, and Theocracy in Iran.


Chapter 8: Building Authority and Legitimacy in West Germany after World War II and Declining.


Basic Questions for the Assignments


Q1.What are the basic theoretical concepts and insights on the nature of politics presented in the chapter? Make sure to provide definitions or explanations for those concepts presented in the chapters and their relevance to the contents in the chapter.


Q2.How do the concepts presented in the chapter demonstrate and illustrate the significance of the case studies?.


2 pages in length.


Note: some chapters present from one to three examples or case studies. Thus, complete assignments must include a response to all of the examples provided in each chapter

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