CMIS 242 Intermediate Programming project 2


The second programming project involves writing a program to calculate state income tax for a single taxpayer that uses a GUI. The GUI should use the grid layout manager and should looks similar to the following:

Sample GUI

The salary income, interest income, itemized deductions, exemptions and tax withheld are input to the program. When the Compute Refund button is clicked, the refund should be computed and displayed. Assume all inputs are in whole dollars.

The refund should be computed as follows. First compute the total gross income as the sum of the salary and interest income. Then compute the taxable income, which is the gross income less the itemized deductions and exemptions. The exemption amount is computed as the number of exemptions multiplied by $2700. Next compute the tax owed for the year according to the following tax table:

Taxable Income Tax Owed
From To  
$0 $50,000 5% of taxable income
$50,000 $100,000 $2,500 + 7% of amount above $50,000
$100,000 $6,000 + 9% of amount above $100,000

Finally, compute the amount of the refund as the amount withheld minus the tax owed. Note that this amount will be negative if additional taxes are owed. Display this amount in the bottom text field rounded to the whole dollar.

If the data entered in any of the text fields is not numeric or not an integer value, the exception that will be thrown when attempting to convert to an integer should be caught, and an appropriate error message should be displayed using a JOptionPane popup window. 

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