Writing Video Critiquing Due in 6 Hours For International Marketing

Due Today in 6 Hours




These  video clips are avaialable at the blackboard ( my unversity website ) after viewing each video, please write a 2 pages summary of what you learned from each clip. Each critique must be typed, Single- spaced, 12 font, 1 inch margin all around, Critiques should accompany with separate cover- page indicationg course number / name, your name, MU ID number and assignment number. Grammar, spelling, sentence structure, paragraph structue, and orginzation are important and will play an important part in determing my grade.


The Names of Critiques in the website : 


1) Global Apparel, Shoes and Textile Industry Grows in Discount and Luxury Segments




2) Toddler Outshines Street Singer


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