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i am trying to create this code, but i am kind of stuck here, getting a wrong output. i need you to fix this program, and i need to use the recursing function.

You have just gotten a new swimming pool and need to add chlorine to the water. You add 32 ounces of chlorine the first week and 14 ounces every week thereafter. Each week 40% of the chlorine in the pool evaporates.

and this is my code i’ve created.


#include <iostream>

#include <cmath>


void chlorineLeft(int n, double t, int i){ // n is the number of weeks

    t = (t + 14 * n) – (.40) * (t + 14 *i); // t is the total chlorine left


    cout << “chlorine left: ” << t << endl;


        chlorineLeft(n, t,i);




int main(){




    return 0;


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