Essay Assignment 4 to 5 pages

Read the upload file and write about it essay. 

the essay is about reality tv, and how they give the people the opportunities, and how those tv shows have a postive effects that help the people to succeed in their lifes. in each pragraph in the essay i want you to talk about a specific tv show and i will list some tv shows that you can write about them:

(American’s Got Talent, So You Can Dance, Shark Tank, The Voice), if you have tv show same these you can use it, do not forget the sources the details in the upload file, you must know that I am not really good in english, so please use easy and common words, but please i want really good grammar, thanks


1. MLA format.

2. Read it carefully the upload file, and follow the steps in the upload file. 

3. High school level (easy wording).

4. Good grammar. 

5. Do not make it complicated (simple sentences). 

6. NO PLAGIARISM (do not copy anything from the internet).

7. Good work and organized please.

8. Use many transition words (in addition, furthermore, moreover, for example, for instance…ete).

9. Essay must be four to five full pages. 



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