Software Testing & Quality ($80 work) ( 100 – 150 words)

Q1. For this assignment, answer the following question.  Who is responsible for testing and quality for a given software development project?  In your response make sure you address the following:

  I.  Discuss the various roles/job titles that could be involved in a software development project and their potential responsibilities to ensure a quality product.

  II.  Present your analysis in a well-developed PowerPoint presentation.

Q2. Select a topic from below & write about in 100 – 150 words.

1.  Compare and contrast verification testing and validation testing.

2.  Compare and contrast functional and non-functional testing. Provide examples of requirements that apply to each.

3.  Describe and discuss maintenance testing, when it occurs and why it is important.

Q3. Assignment Topic:  The SCRUM methodology introduces shortened development cycles. What challenges or opportunities does that introduce to the testing role?

Requirement : 100 to 150 words.

Q4. Software Development Models (Essay should be at least 450, but not more than 600 words.)

Describe the characteristics of each software development model:  V-model, waterfall and iterative models/frameworks and the key development stages or phases of each.

·  Identify the key test levels with each model and the main goal(s) of each level.

·  Identify the pros and cons of each model.

·  Identify how testing responsibilities and the role of the tester changes across the various development stages or phases.

·  Provide an overview of how each model compares and contrasts to the other software development models.

Make an overall recommendation of which model you believe would be more effective in a typical software development project. Provide justification for your recommendation.

Q5 . Assignment Topic:There are nearly a dozen core concepts or principles that SCRUM is founded upon, which are listed in the “SCRUM Orientation” PowerPoint presentation.Choose three or more of those principles.

  • Research each concept, explain what it means, and describe its importance to SCRUM.
  • Identify the benefits and the risks that each may introduce into a work environment.
  • Document your research in a one page analysis per principle, double spaced.

Presentation : CIS 623 – SCRUM Orientation.ppt

Q6. Assignment Scenario:  You are hired to test a parking lot calculation application. This application is provided for the convenience of travelers that use a certain parking lot, and provides them with an estimate of the costs they should expect to pay when parking on that lot. There are different sections of the lot, and each has a different pricing level associated with it. There is short-term, economy, long-term surface, long-term garage and valet parking. As a bonus, if you park in the economy lot, your 7thday of parking is free. 

Assignment Description:

  1. Review the scenario above and write 5 user stories to capture some of the core requirements for this application. Use good story writing format when documenting these requirements. Note that this scenario will be carried forward into future weeks, so be thoughtful about the user story writing process.
  2. Write acceptance criteria for each story.


For Q1 & Q2 : 6 hours !!

Q3 : 9 hours

Remaining Questions : 24 hours.

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