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I.  Introduction

Securing any network infrastructures today is not as it may have been a couple of years ago. In the past, some IT specialist were able to control attacks on a network since the number of attacks were manageable. However, this is not the case today given that in one day, the network could be attacked several hundred times. Depending on the organization, this number could vary significantly. To ensure that the organization is not subjected to a frequency of successful attacks, you have to ensure you have proper security practices in place to help keep your network secure. Best practices used for securing any network should include: security accountability, remote access policies, proper network connected devices, behavior and acceptable use, and training.

I. Supporting Claim 1

  Security Accountability.

II. Supporting Claim 2

  Remote Access Policies

II. Supporting Claim 3

  Network Connected Devices

III. Supporting Claim 4

  Behavior and acceptable use

IV. Supporting Claim 5


V. Conclusion

To conclude, a strong security policy is the basis of securing a network. Having an effective security policy in place, will always help reduce attacks that may be encountered on an unprotected network. The security policy should explain in details what is expected to keep your network secure. In addition, the policies should be strong enough to secure your network and not too restrictive to impede the users from using the network. 

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